Frozen pipes are worse predicaments costing you a pretty penny.  Still, it is not always possible to escape the situation. When such an instance occurs, then it is best to take the advice of professional plumbers to get out of the problematic situation. The first and foremost step would be quickly thawing the frozen water. You must implement the right measure to thaw the pipe as otherwise, it might lead to damaging consequences.   The best option would be having a plumbing service handy at all times, and thus you will be able to cut the stress.

Here Are A Few Significant Aspects You Should Keep in Mind To Prevent Such An Unwanted Occurrence.

Crucial Preventive Measures to Escape a Frozen Pipe

  • If the pipeline is located in an unheated part of the home, then there should be some arrangement to keep the place moderately warm. If the pipes are installed in the garage area, then make sure that the doors and windows are appropriately kept closed at all times to shut the entry of cold air.
  • If it is about handing an exterior pipeline like the garden hoses, then certain precautions should be taken. As the water freezes inside the hose, it expands, and thus the water pressure is increased across the pipeline. So, make sure that the hoses should be disconnected and drained out properly after use.
  • Another wise idea would be placing a heater in proximity to the pipeline so that water remains above freezing point.
  • Let the water drip from the faucet. This will ensure that the pipes won’t freeze by implementing this approach. You can even turn on the different faucets alternatively.

Steps to Follow as You Already Have a Frozen Pipe

  • As you will turn on a faucet and the water flows out in a stream, then it is most probably a case of a frozen pipe. The main problem lies in the water tank or its exterior wall. Turn the faucet wide open to let the ice melt out.
  • Many older houses do not bear an adequately insulated wall. It would be an expensive affair to protect the walls from scratch. The best option would be turning on the thermostat so that the airflow through the floor and walls increases. Consider keeping the thermostat set at 72 degrees during winter. This will eliminate the chance of the pipe bursting out. If you are leaving home for a short weekend trip, set the temperature, not below 55 degrees.
  • When you are leaving your house shut off the water supply by flushing the toilets and opening all the faucets.

If you are facing a worse situation due to a frozen pipe, then call for an efficient plumbing service like Will Stone Plumbing immediately. The team of expert plumbers will bail you out of the woes instantly.